Head Over Heels (3.49)

(Benny Andersson/Björn Ulvaeus)

Lead vocal: Agnetha.

Recording commenced 2 September 1981.

Benny Andersson: Keyboards & synthesizers
Ola Brunkert: Drums
Rutger Gunnarsson: Bass
Lasse Wellander: Guitars

Working title: Tango.

Alternate mix of original version; slightly different mix of the first chorus, notably missing the drum triplet at 1.09.

First known release in German Democratic Republic on the EP ABBA Quartet in 1983.

Currently available on the CDs The Visitors Deluxe Edition, The Essential Collection.

ABBA Quartet EP German Democratic Republic 1983

ABBA Music Show 3 VHS Sweden 1983

ABBA Again VHS USA 1983

More Video Hits VHS UK 1988

ABBA The Vinyl Collection 9 LP box set 2010

The Visitors Deluxe Editon CD/DVD 2012

The Essential Collection 2CD 2012

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