Waterloo: The True Story Of ABBA

Abba's was an extraordinary journey through the pages of rock history - it took them from throwaway Eurovision turn to highly respected pop icons. Their story has everything; beautiful girls with incredible voices, love, marriages, break ups, divorces, not to mention some of the most memorable outfits ever seen on a stage.

This indispensable 3 DVD and book set provides fans of the band with a perfect career retrospective; it looks beyond the glitz and the glamour to get to the heart of what made Abba so special. We hear from John Tobler and Jeff Rose, two publicists for the band who give unique insights into what it was like to work and socialise with the one of the hottest properties the pop industry had ever seen. Rod Leissle, the founder of Björn Again - the world's most successful tribute group - pays tribute to the band's superb stagecraft, while respected session musician Les Davidson analyses the songs and lyrics of Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus.

But no retrospective would be complete without the songs and the programme features superb footage of the band in action performing their greatest tunes, including rare film taken from US Television's Dick Cavett Show.

The third DVD features a complete retrospective on 'Arrival', the record that took their song writing and studio achievements to new levels. It was the first album by the band to gather critical plaudits as the beautifully-crafted songs revealed genuine depth - Abba were obviously far more than Eurovision one-hit wonders.

Contains previously released ABBA - Music in Review and ABBA/Arrival - The Ultimate Critical Review.

Released on DVD 13 July 2009.

Waterloo: The True Story Of ABBA

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