The music might be all over as far as ABBA is concerned, but the taxman continues to beat his drum


Swedish authorities allege irregularities in the group’s returns dating back to 1981 and the State prosecutor, Lage Carlstrom, has said he could be prepared to start criminal proceedings, involving millions of dollars, if necessary.

Stig Andersson, who managed ABBA during the halcyon days of Mamma Mia, Waterloo and – ironically – Money, Money, Money, has countered by saying the leaking of the group’s tax woes to the media was “a threat to civil liberties and a breach of personal integrity.”

And he has threatened to quit Sweden for good and live in London.

Better be quick Stig! Transcribed for ABBA World

New Idea (Australia) · 8 October 1984 (Page 46)

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