UNICEF - A Gift Of Song

Too Much Heaven, say The Bee Gees in their No.1 single, and the folks at UNICEF agree. To kick off the U.N.’s International Year of the Child, The Bee Gees have donated their percentage of the profits from their newest hit song to Music for UNICEF, a special project of the organisation. “My conscience tells me I’m making too much money not to give some to underprivileged children. They’re the defenseless ones,” says Barry Gibb, the group’s chief songwriter. The Bee Gees joined with TV Personality David Frost and Film Producer Robert Stigwood to persuade ten other rock luminaries to hand over their earnings from a song, old or new. Rod Stewart selected Maggie May, John Denver Rhymes and Reasons. This week the musicians are gathering at the U.N. General Assembly to sing their songs in a concert televised to more than 70 nations. More artists are expected to kick in songs in years to come, giving UNICEF a long term windfall estimated at $100 million. Transcribed for ABBA World

Photo: To help the world’s children, The Bee Gees kick in some earnings.

Time (USA) · 15 January 1979 (Page 51)

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