ABBA’s corporate family tree


As a glimpse at this organization chart will indicate, ABBA is not only corporate conglomerate. The chart, prepared by Variety, is based on a rough diagram sketched here recently by Lars Dahlin, vice president of Polar International AB, the holding company jointly owned by ABBA members and manager Stig Anderson. The chart doesn’t necessarily reflect each and every one of the ABBA–Anderson holdings, but gives a representative sampling of the organization’s scope. For details of the ABBA empire, see separate story this issue.

* Polar Music is jointly owned by ABBA and Stig Anderson.
* Stockholms Badhus is 50% to 60% controlled by Polar.
* Polar has a 37% interest in Monark.
* Sweden Music is wholly owned by Stig Anderson.
* Polar has a 16% interest in GDC.
* SOL-AX is a financial lending and investment institution. Transcribed for ABBA World

Variety (New York) · Wednesday, 7 October 1981 (Page 84)

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