ABBA may pull plug on Swedish TV appearances.

Stockholm, 13th May 1980

A boycott of Swedish TV by ABBA is being threatened by the group’s manager, Stikkan Anderson, following a dispute with the broadcaster over a recent show called ABBA In Concert.

Seems the show was a co-production between Swedish TV and the ABBA-owned label. Polar Records, with both parties due to share in revenues from sales at the Montreux television festival. But the state-run network (to which there’s no commercial alternative here), following a hoo-hah in the local press, now is maintaining that the show is simply a promotion vehicle for ABBA and, as such, should not have been funded in part with license-payers’ cash.

In the past, Anderson has employed a Swedish T.V. staff director to make promo films of the group, and then sold them to the network. Broadcaster’s view is that if commercial enterprises – say, the Volvo or Saab automobile manufacturers – have the benefit of access to the public airwaves, at least they should not be paid as well. Transcribed for ABBA World

Variety (New York) · Wednesday, 14 May 1980 (Page 2) 

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