Swedes see move to ‘message’ pix

Stockholm, 21st September 1982

Entrepreneurial showbiz is the likely loser in Sweden with the return to power after six years of Olaf Palme’s Socialists.

Local sources in the TV media indicate that Palme is likely to slow any move towards commercial T.V., pay or otherwise, and though the Socialist view of cable has not been spelled out, the feeling is the new government will not be anxious to break the existing broadcast monopoly held by state web Swedish television.

As to filmmaking, which relies in part on direct govt. subsidy, the fear locally is that Swedish pictures will return to the socially-committed type production characterized Swedish output during Palme’s previous administration.

Most local filmmaking is contingent on funds from the Swedish Film Institute, controlling executive of which is a political appointment.

A large sector of showbiz, lead by ABBA manager Stig Anderson, campaigned against Palme because they feared he would bow to the union’s request for their ownership – or at least stockholding control – of Swedish industry. Unions’ plan is to siphon off a percentage of company profits into a fund with which to buy shares in leading companies, ultimately to take over all industry. Transcribed for ABBA World

Variety (New York) · Wednesday, 22 September 1982 (Page 5)

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