Shine: Frida’s solo act is inspired by youth

If it’s good enough for Britt Ekland it’s good enough for Frida Lyngstad, the dark haired ABBA girl. She works closely with top record producer Steve Lillywhite, who is ten years her junior. “Steve gave me back my youth,” says the 39-year-old singer who has settled permanently for now in London. “Young boys make life much easier to live. They can be a source of inspiration, too.” As far as Frida is concerned, ABBA and her life in Sweden are both things of the past. She is pursuing a single career and, of top pop group which was once one of the richest business in Sweden, she observes: “There is no valid reason to resurrect ABBA other than perhaps for nostalgia.” Transcribed for ABBA World

Woman’s Day (Australia) · 14 May 1984 (Page 28)

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